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Proud to pour Wadworth ales and more

As part of the Wadworth family, we are proud to pour award-winning Wadworth ales. 

Wadworth has been brewing the finest beer in Wiltshire since 1875 and we believe that simplicity and high-quality ingredients deliver the best beer.

You’ll always find 6X, a classic crafted amber ale and Horizon, our easy drinking golden ale, on the bar.

We will rotate through the rest of the Wadworth ale range including Henry’s IPA, a light bronze ale with delicate malt aromas; Swordfish, a unique blend of Wadworth beer & Pusser’s Navy rum; Burnt Orange, a zesty English IPA and special editions through the year.

As well as cask ales we love to support other brewers too and have keg beers, lagers and ciders on tap as well as a wide range of drinks to suit all palates from world wines, gins, spritzs, cocktails, softs and low & no alcohol drinks.  

Our range on the bar

Cask is a live product and we take pride in managing it well to ensure you get a perfect pint every time.  As such, we can’t always guarantee all beers will be on at all times so please do check what we’ve got on tap before you visit if you’re after something specific. 


Classic amber ale. The stuff of legends
ABV 4.1%


Crisp golden ale. Upliftingly good
ABV 4% 

Henry’s IPA

Easy drinking session ale. Humble homage
ABV 3.4% 


Rum infused amber ale. The spirit of adventure
ABV 5%

6X Gold

Gluten free golden ale. Refreshingly hoppy
ABV 4.5%

Old Timer

Deep copper ale. A true winter warmer
ABV 5.8%

Special editions

Throughout the year Wadworth brew Special Editions and we put them on the bar for you to enjoy.

They can also be bought in the Wadworth Brewery Tap & Shop in Devizes and through the Online Shop in microcasks. Here are our latest special editions - check with us when we’ll have them on and get in quick because when they’re gone, they’re gone!